Breaking away from face-to-face monitoring and webcam,
developed to see notes and objects on the desk together
This is an online physical imaging device and a web camera dedicated to video conferencing.


Just the screen you see!

The study cam rotates the screen 180 degrees when the note on the desk is illuminated, so that the user can see it. We developed it so that it can be shown to the other person as it is on screen. User convenience This feature is designed to help you share your note-taking in real-time whenever you're in online. It helps me do it helps me.

Problems with existing webcams

If you turn the camera to the floor while showing your face with the existing webcam, the book on the monitor screen will look upside down.

Check the characteristics of the StudyCam!

StudyCam Born for Interactive Video Class


Physical burners and scanners

Like a physical camera that used to show textbooks or objects in class at school, you can show them online in three dimensions and scan them at a 5M high resolution if necessary. (LED LIGHT INTO TOP BOTTOM)

Compatible with videoconferencing systems

Compatible with various videoconferencing services

Video compatibility with any web-based video conferencing service
(However, it may not support its own functionality for a particular service.)

Built-in speakers and microphones

A port that can connect USB A-type headset or C-type earset is used in the study cam. It is fitted. Study cam plus has built-in speakers and microphones. No separate earset and speakers are required. (The basic type of study cam does not have built-in speakers and microphones.)

Exterior StudyCam

A practical and luxurious design
a luxurious and neat exterior when folded
Practical design that allows you to shine on the floor and then the front.


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